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Seattle Exterminators & Pest Control Service - Professional Extermination Services in King County, WA

Extermintion Services vary in your tolerance for pests that periodically invade our homes and cause us some level of discomfort. The need for monthly, quarterly or yearly extermination services is a matter of your personal preference and your perception of what is  a problem. Ultimately, the decision on whether you need a routine extermination service is a matter of what you feel is needed to make your home a comfortable and relatively "pest-free" environment.
Whether your problem Current and/or preventative treatments for ants, spiders, wasps, bees, hornets, rodents,termites,Bed bugs, flies,Roaches beetles, and fleas. We will eliminate pests from your home, office, restaurant, or multi-housing property. We are a locally owned, family business

Seattle Exterminator Service Plans available as well.

• Ant Control: Ants everywhere and they keep coming, How do i get rid of these small black ants?several ants included in this category such asCarpenter Ants,Odorous House Ants, Pavement Ants & other small nuisance ants. This category of ants is commonly called 'sugar ants.' Some are exterminated easily while others require a little more diligence. It is very important for us to identify the specific species ant to be exterminated. This is because the habits of the ants and their sensitivities to chemicals vary.

• Spider exterminator / Spider Pest Control: I hate walking in these spider webs every morning,what can i do?

• Wasps Control: I don't wanna get stung by the wasps around my house

• Hornet Pest Control: I keep seeing hornet around my house ,Will the come inside my house

• Beetle Control:What is making holes in my wood furniture?

• Rodent Control: I hear noises in my attic ,walls ,Crawlspace ,How did they get in?

• Fleas Control: I keep wondering where these flies are coming from?

• Bed Bug Extermination Service Treatment / Bed Bug Exterminator Seattle : How did i get bed bugs and whats the fastest way of getting rid of them?

Seattle Bed Bug Extermination and Treatment services

Need help getting rid of bed bugs? Don't wait to get bed bug treatment when bed bugs bite! Seattle Bed Bugs Treatments are customized to fit the enviroment and situation.

Seattle Bird / Bat Control Extermination services

Bird Control / Bat Control:  Woodpeckers and flickers can often be attracted to homes or buildings with a current infestation of insects such as ants, so it's important to check with a residential / commerical pest control technician to ensure that you don't have additional problems.pests like bird mites, carpet beetles and flies follow quickly behind nesting birds.What can you do to prevent other birds from nesting in your home? Ampm technicians will let you know if they see a problem .it may require some additional exclusion work to ensure that they don’t re-enter your structure. We can also treat any secondary infestations you may have inherited with the nesting birds.

Seattle Rodent  Mouse  Rat Control Exclusion Extermination services

Mice & rats extermination services can be difficult and requires a proven extermination methods and keep them away. For more information please visit our blog to see common causes of rodent infestations.Complete Rodent Exclusion: Price may vary do to type of foundation. Includes: Digging around foundation , installing pea gravel in trench, and sealing holes in vents to crawl space using 1/4 inch steel screen.

Attic / Crawl Space Clean Out Extermination services

Removal of old damages vapor barrier and insulation, new vapor barrier installed, new R-30 insulation installed, and deodorizing of Attic or crawl space. The removal/exclusion extermination service of vertebrate animals, such as Mice, Birds, raccoons and bats from houses/properties to include commercial buildings and business is usually done to parmently keep the vermin from getting back in. However,there are situations when technicians of other trades like cable personel,plumbers,Electrician will make holes, causing the vermin gain access again. Please any time you have any other trades around remind or follow them around to make sure they cover their holes.
An effective solution to carpenter ants, while minimizing the amount of pesticides in and around your home. During your initial service, a Pest Management Professional will conduct a thorough inspection and provide a detailed report documenting where carpenter ants were found and the extent of the current infestation. Ampm pest control focuses treatments on interior and exterior areas of the home where carpenter ants are likely to be working, nesting or foraging for food. Unlike termites, carpenter ants don’t actually eat the wood, they excavate or hollow it out to nest inside. Voids, either excavated or naturally occurring, are treated by placing materials directly into the void. By treating the source of the problem directly, we limit the use of pesticides within the home. Proactive treatments in areas prone to infestation are also applied providing residual protection against re-infestation. Parent carpenter ant colonies sometimes establish one or more satellite nests 98040

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